Marvel Super-Heroes (1st Series) # 43 GD+ 1974 JC

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Marvel Super-Heroes # 43

Published by Marvel Comics in 1974

"A Stranger Strikes from Space" & "The Boomerang and the Brute"

Reprints from Tales to Astonish #88

(W) Stan Lee (A) Bill Everett, Gil Kane


This Comic Book is in

2.5 GOOD+ (GD+) Condition

Fits the criteria for Good but with an additional virtue or small accumulation of virtues that improves the book's appearance by a perceptible amount.

Shows substantial wear; often considered a "reading copy." Cover shows significant wear and may even be detached. Cover reflectivity is low and in some cases completely absent. Book-length creases and dimples may be present. Rounded corners are more common. Moderate soiling, staining, discoloration and foxing may be present. The largest piece allowed missing from the front or back cover is usually a 1/2" triangle or a 1/4" square, although some Silver Age books such as 1960s Marvels have had the price corner box clipped from the top left front cover and may be considered Good if they would otherwise have graded higher. Tape and other forms of amateur repair are common in Silver Age and older books. Spine roll is likely. May have up to a 2" spine split. Staples may be degraded, replaced or missing. Moderate staple tears and stress lines may be present, as well as rust migration. Paper is brown but not brittle. Centerfold may be loose or detached. Moderate interior tears may be present.


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